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Cryo Arctic
CRYO Arctic is the safest cryochamber that utilizes liquid nitrogen on the market thanks to the heat exchange technology. The user is ex-posed to safe, breathable air and never come into contact with cryogenic gases. Reaching temperatures of -140°C / -220°F, the °CRYO Arctic is the only machine that accurately measures the temperatures inside the cryochamber in order to deliver the most effective treatment and the only machine that is TGA approved. Benefits of whole body cryotherapy include enhancing skin quality, accelerating slimming process and greatly improves both mental and physical health.


  • Fastest cooling time: Our chamber takes only 3 minutes to achieve temperature need-ed for treatment.
  • Spacious: The °CRYO Arctic™ is more spa-cious. Clients enjoy more room to move around inside the chamber without feeling closed in.
  • Flexible window: It is possible to adjust the size of the window which allows clients to choose between partial and full-body treatment.
  • Safest cryotherapy: 100% breathable cold air in the whole chamber, our users never come in contact with hazardous nitrogen vapor.
  • Premium Sound-System: Relax with a fa-vorite song while still being in communica-tion with the operator.

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