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Bike Run Spa cabin Practice your sport in comfort and safety.

Benefit from the comfort of individual cabins as well as sports activities in the water, allowing you to work without risk of injury.


Aqua training in individual cabins

BRS booths are intended especially for gyms whose members will find in the use of this equipment a way to exercise in isolation, without brutality, without risk of trauma, and effectively a sporting activity.

The aqua-training enthusiasts in the individual bathing cabin are the practitioners who flee the courses to be followed in collective bathing, exposed to the allergic effects of an excessively treated water, the complexed persons, those who can not keep up the rhythm and imposed by group coaching, or people in functional rehabilitation.


Why opt for aqua training?


The practice in individual bath cabin brings many advantages:


  • Soothing atmosphere
  • Relaxing effects increased by boiling water
  • Effect of weightlessness felt in the water and reinforced by the intensive release of air bubbles
  • Psychic and emotional rest activated by the game of changing color lights (Chromotherapy). Concentration facilitated by isolation
  • Presence of hydro-massage directional jets to relieve aching muscles and joints
  • Water softened by the effects of ozone treatment that helps cleanse and detoxify the skin                                      
  • Timetables at your convenience

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