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Cryo Glacier
CRYO Glacier is designed for high turnover locations. Since being fully electric, it doesn’t involve any of cryogenic gasses, it’s not only safe but also extremly efficient. It’s filled with clean, breathable air and develops temperatures as low as -140°C. This device will greatly benefit customers, wellbeing and weight loss as well as mental health providing massive burst of endorphins after each session. It’s the most advanced and sought-after device for cryotherapy.


  • Rapid Cooling Time: The only fully electric cryochamber capable of cooling down to 140°C/-220°F in approx. 90 min.
  • Easy Communication: 2-way commu-nication system ensures that clients can speak with operators while inside the cryochember.
  • Natural Cold Air Cascading System: The top placed ventilation duct ensures the flow of cold air from the top to the bottom of the chamber causing natural air circulation of true cryotherapy temperatures: -140°C/220°F.
  • Private Mode: A functional heated window with an LCD Matrix, allows users the ability to choose transparency or to block out visibility in the window, offering them the comfort of complete privacy while inside the chamber.

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