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With a standard plasticizing process, the acrylic surface of the spa - hydromassage is strengthened with vinylester resin, thereby achieving the ultimate sealing of the spa. For this reason, sundance spas are eight times more resistant than the rest of the spa - hydromassage.

In addition, top quality materials give the sundance spas unique
Thermal insulating properties. These heat-insulating properties are further enhanced by the polyurethane foam that fully fills the shell and the spa cabin.

14 reasons to choose Sundance Spa


  •     I - Touch Control panel : Digital display with backlight and touchpad control functions
  •     Innovative treatment seat : Jets target 14 pressure points
  •     Flexible Jets : Jets combine for specific types of massage, from intense to gentle
  •     AquaTerace water function : Fully adjustable water flow and colored lighting, operate with or without jets.
  •     Aromatherapy : Impregnates water with perfume
  •     Foam insulation : It keeps the temperature and protects the plumbing
  •     Filtration Micro Clean ultra plus : The Micro Clean ultra plus triple-layer filter filters 99% of all particles and removes water and lotions from the water
  •     Synthetic base and insulation for moisture : Provides a stable base impervious to moisture and insects
  •     Top quality plumbing : They allow the precise grouping of jets, equalize the pressure of water in each jet and enhance the efficiency of pumping
  •     Powerful Jet pumps : Single, double or triple pump is capable of providing the required amount of tension
  •     Shell made of durable material : A standard plasticizing process produces the most reliable spa - hydromassage shell in the market
  •     Effective heating : Direct water heating increases thermal efficiency. It has a radiator with titanium coil to be corrosion-resistant.
  •     I-touch system controls : An exclusive Sundance spas. Adjust the filtering and temperature settings. Microprocessors constantly monitor the spa function - hydromassage
  •     Top quality cabin : Synthetic cabin resistant to solar radiation

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