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The 40 Benefits of hamam

We’ve listed 40 benefits associated with steam bathing below to help you identify specific ways it can help improve your health.


  • Promotes optimal breathing, and opens up nasal passages.
  • Hot mist may help promote sinus drainage.
  • May provide temporary relief of respiratory symptoms.
  • Hot mist may help loosen bronchial secretions.
  • Hot mist soothes the throat.
  • May act as a natural expectorant.


  • Cleanses the skin.
  • Helps enhance skin appearance.
  • Opens up pores.
  • Lubricates the skin.
  • Hydrates dry skin.
  • Rejuvenates.
  • Leaves skin with a healthy glow.
  • Makes shaving easier.
  • Prepares the hair follicles for easier waxing.


  • Promotes an increase in blood circulation.
  • May boost metabolism.
  • May help to reinvigorate tired muscles.
  • Supports lactic acid breakdown in over worked muscles.
  • Loosens stiff muscles, promotes muscular flexibility (great for stretching).
  • On average, has been shown to burn 150 calories in a 15-minute session at 114°F. 

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  • Helps relieve stress.
  • Encourages relaxation.
  • May help promote deep, restful sleep.
  • Fosters a sense of well-being.
  • Increase potential for natural sleep patterns.
  • Combining steam and AromaTherapy® (Lavender) may promote soothing relief from stress and tension.
  • Combining steam and MusicTherapy® may help reduce stress.
  • Combining Steam and ChromaTherapy® may help enhance your mood elevation.


  • Supports the removal of toxins from the body.
  • Has been shown to help the body rid itself of excess sodium.
  • Prepares the body for relief from temporary joint pain and discomfort.
  • Has been shown to promote the reduction of metabolic waste products in the body.


  • Uses less than 2 gallons of water for a 20 minute steam bath.
  • Costs cents to operate.
  • May increase equity of the home.
  • Saves energy by following steam shower with a cold shower.
  • Can simply be added to an existing shower.  Does not require a dedicated area or room.
  • Great way to de-wrinkle clothes.
  • Provides humidity for your orchids.

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