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3 Versions Available:

  • Canopée 2: Dimensions 140 x 125 x 190 cm, Total power 2,150 W, 2 persons seated
  • Canopée 3C: Dimensions 160 x 160 x 190 cm, Total power 3,250 W, 3/4 persons seated 
  • Canopée 6: Dimensions 185 x 185 x 190 cm, Total power4,000 W , 6 persons seated

Body detoxification and deep relaxation

Have you ever felt the need for a moment of pure relaxation after a long day? A space dedicated to resetting mind and body? Holl’s has put all its know-how into the development of this new line of infrared cabins to provide you with all the relaxation your body and mind need.

With the innovative "Triple Care" technology, take full advantage of all short and long infrared waves and enjoy that much sought-after "reset & restore" effect. Cleverly arranged shortwave carbon emitters provide a warm and relaxing atmosphere for the mind, while Quartz and magnesium emitters enable to choose between muscle relaxation and detoxification. Imagine a multi-care course and create à la carte well-being moments for you and your close ones.

Deeply committed to the environment, Holl’s uses only Canadian spruce from sustainably managed forests in the design of its sauna cabins. The handcrafted wood is completely free of knots and resin. A real guarantee of the quality of the sauna that you will install at home.


  • Scalable triple infrared technology
  • Infrared floor panel
  • Handcrafted premium quality spruce wood
  • Breathtaking design with large glazed surface
  • New generation resonance audio
  • 7 colours LED chromotherapy
  • Air purifier
  • Intensity regulator for each infrared transmitter


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