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  • Reference HL-HC04PK, HL-HC04PKUP, HL-HC04PKLX
  • Dimensions 180x140x190 cm
  • 4 persons
  • Infrared capacity 8 x 350W Quartz & Magnesium emitters: 2 800 W, 1 floor Carbon panel: 100 W
  • Stove capacity (included): For HL-HC04PK: Harvia 4.5 kW (stones included), for HL-HC04PKUP: Harvia 6.0 kW (stones included), for HL-HC04PKLX: Harvia Wall Black 4.5 kW (stones included)
  • Dual Healthy Infrared technology
  • Exterior in red cedar and abachi
  • Floor carbon emitter
  • Bluetooth/MP3 audio and FM radio
  • Centralized digital control panel
  • LED lighting ambience 
  • 7 LED Colors 
  • Safety-glass door


Having trouble choosing between the pleasure of a traditional sauna and the benefits of infrared waves?

Holl’s has thought of you by creating a cabin that combines these two concepts of sauna! The Hybrid Combi revolutionises the sauna experience as it allows you to enjoy a steam or an infrared session depending on your mood and needs.

8 Dual Healthy Quartz + Magnesium emitters are ideally located on all panels to provide maximum benefits. 1 carbon panel on the floor provides instant warmth throughout the cabin.

If it is a traditional steam sauna that you are in a mood for, the Hybrid Combi is fully equipped with stove and sauna kit (bucket, laddle, hourglass, hygrometer, thermometer). Enjoy your relaxing moment with complete peace of mind.


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