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Rollfox is our latest product which offers intense lymphatic massage with wooden balusters and help of infrared light. Infrared IR deeply penetrates the skin, increases blood circulation and fat burning. Massage with wooden balusters is based on lymphatic massage which allows to reduce cellulite and burn excess fat. This model is latest version equipped with modifed drum for better results, new drive system and modern design laminate. Illuminated sides allow you to take full advantage of the benefits of color therapy. 7 inch touch panel allows to control all functions, update software and display positions on screen during training.The user's safety is ensured by a modern system based on a laser. If an obstacle is detected, it immediately stops the drum until the user confirms its removal.

Laser: most reliable automatic security system for user safety. Obstacle detection stops drum immediately.

Smaller drum which bring much more intense effects then any other product available on market.

Infrared helps improve condition of cardiovascular system, accelerates metabolism and speeds regeneration process.

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