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Manoa 280

  • Seductive appeal: With their harmonious shapes and refined appeal, Procopi’s commercial spas bring a captivating touch of elegance and charm.
  • Well designed equipment: Procopi’s commercial spas are lavishly appointed.
  • Top of the line filtration: The Python sand filter/ Eurostar pump combination is the most advanced filtration system available, pure, crystal clear water guaranteed.
  • Tried and tested reliability: Procopi’s commercial spas are designed to be hard-wearing and easy going. The design is kept simple so upkeep is straight-forward and stress free.
  • An extremely attractive price: Procopi’s commercial spas are manufactured in large quantities, the resulting economies of scale reduce the cost price to allow Procopi to offer their commercial spas at very affordable prices.


  1. Ηydrojets: 32
  2. Shell dimensions: 280 x 280 cm
  3. Overall height: 116 +/- 2 cm
  4. Water volume: 1400 litres
  5. Weight of the spa shell: 220 kg


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