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The Aquatic 3 is a true multi-use swim spa. You have enough space in the swimming area for fanatical cardio. You can fully relax in the whirlpool area. The two different areas are completely separated from each other. The advantage of this is that you can set the water in the whirlpool area a few degrees warmer to relax even better. The water in the swimming area then remains cool enough for exercise.


Spa Length 580 cm
Spa Width 224 cm
Spa Height 126 cm
Number of Persons 8 Persons
Aqua Rolling Massage No
Shell Construction Multilayered
Maintenance-free Exterior Cabinet Yes
Amount of LED Lights in Corner Panels 4
StarBrite LED Underwater Lighting Yes
Number of Seats 6 Seats and 2 Lounges
Number of All-Active Hydrotherapy Jets 70 All-Active Hydrotherapy Jets with Stainless Steel Finish
Total Number of Jets 74
Number of Air Jets 4 Turbo Swim Jets
Number of Zoned Air Controls Several Zoned Air Controls
Ozon Oxidation System For Cleaner Water


Gravity Floor Drain Yes
Amount of Headrests 4
Filtration System Programmable Filtration System
Heating System Balboa
Pump 1 3,0 HP
Pump 2 3,0 HP
Pump 3 3,0 HP
Pump 4 3,0 HP
Pump 5 3,0 HP
Pump 6 3,0 HP
Pump 7 Circulation Pump Swim Side
Pump 8 Circulation Pump Spa Side
Filtration Four Single Filters
Control System Balboa
Heating System 3,0 KW
Water Capacity 12500 Liters
Dry Weight 1550 kg
Filled Weight 14050 kg
Insulation Double Thermal Isolation
Electrical Requirements 380 V / 3 x 20 Amp or 230 V 32 Amp 

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